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OzFetPets Welcomes, All Owners, Trainers, Handlers, Puppies, Ponygirls, Ponboys & Strays Worldwide.

People with a Keen interest in Fetish and BDSM + D.s are also welcome

OzFetPets is owned by Ponygirl Shyanne & the site and parties are run by her and Mistress Silver Shadow.

We run monthly play parties for our members and we have a large indoor venue, grass areas and a dedicated pet play area.

Those with a interest in the standard bdsm play are welcome to attend though you may have a curious puppy or a pesty kitty coming up to you for a pat.

Along with Mistress Silver Shadow we will be presenting more workshops on Petplay,  Ponyplay and more..

OzFetPets is also your one stop, down-under online pet shop for human puppies, ponies & kitties & is proudly Australian owned & operated. We have incorporated our own unique designs into our gear/equipment & they are handmade by us.

Please bear with us while we develope the site further.